Music on a Mission Friday October28, 2016

Cause – Family Services Ottawa


Family Services Ottawa




The proceeds from this Ottawa music trivia fundraiser will benefit Family Services Ottawa (FSO), one of Ottawa’s oldest and most vital registered charities, which has been helping people lead healthy, fulfilling lives for 100 years by providing a wide range of accessible counselling services, and educational and supportive programs for children, adults, and families in all their forms.

We collaborate with community partners and champion advancements in public health that make people’s lives better, working to ensure that mental health services are available to all.

Together, we are building an Ottawa where families and individuals are strong and resilient.

2016 Message from the Executive Director

FSO’s remarkable 2015 achievments.

For more information, please visit:

Charitable Registration Number is 107376147RR001.


View our video to learn more about how we support individuals and families in our community